Bay Commission Victory

Victory at Bay Commission

Good News!  SF Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) voted 14-8  on Thursday, 6/17/21, to postpone their vote for 4 months on whether to initiate the Bay Plan amendment process to accommodate the SunCal plan.  Thank you to everyone who spoke and wrote.  Every speaker and letter was excellent and impactful, and Supervisor John Gioia was amazing in his remarks to the commissioners.  At the end of the meeting, Supervisor Gioia moved, seconded by Commissioner Aaron Peskin, to not take any action for 4 months, and during this time staff will provide answers to the commissioners many questions about the amendment and SunCal’s plan:  Supervisor Gioia’s motion passed!
Please THANK Supervisor Gioia for his leadership and for standing up for Richmond, environmental justice, and BCDC’s founding principles.  The postponement allows for settlement talks that are just beginning, and when and if commissioners meet in four months, they will have had an opportunity to understand the full implications of a Bay Plan amendment for SunCal. 

Here’s the link to thank Supervisor Gioia:


Public comments are attached.


Here’s the audio recording of the meeting:

Point Molate Agenda Item begins at 22:52

Staff Presentation begins at 24:16

SunCal Presentation begins at 27:45

Public Comment begins at 35:19

Public Comment ends at 1:15:25

Mayor Butt’s comments begin at 1:16:30

Supervisor Gioia’s comments begin at 1:19:47 

Commissioners’ discussion follows and Mayor Butt and Supervisor Gioia speak at other points in the discussion.




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