Reasons to Oppose

Reasons to Oppose the City's Plan

What we’ve learned from the Environmental Impact Report 
  1. A new fire & police sub-station would be required for the proposed project. We have no explanation of how the annual operating expenses would be covered. General Fund shortfalls could easily exceed $100 million over thirty years.  
  2. Key EIR Finding #1 – the smaller Community Plan was judged superior because it would cause fewer traffic & environmental problems, not require a new fire/police station or as much infrastructure, and would provide soccer fields and recreational opportunities.
  3. Key EIR Finding #2 – the proposed project would have significant and unavoidable negative impacts on traffic congestion & GHG emissions during commute times. And they didn’t even try to measure the impact of the 2,040 unit housing development that they are asking approval for! In 2040, will it take 90 minutes every day to get to work in San Rafael from Hilltop or Central Avenue? 
  4. It describes the infrastructure required, but doesn’t disclose the financing plan. There is an assumption that Mello Roos bonds would be issued by the City to cover some portion of the expense, but no explanation of how the City would be protected if the Special Tax District fails to generate the funds to repay the bonds.
  5. The project has been consistently misrepresented by the City & the Developer – claiming it will be 70% open space. In fact, only 40% of the land would be undisturbed open space, and it places at significant risk important habitat for crab, salmon, monarch butterflies, bats, osprey, etc.  This is a lawsuit just waiting to happen.  
  6. Certification of the Draft SEIR without additional analysis will lead to yet more litigation unless missing transportation, utility system, environmental, cultural and market analyses and projections are added. Just one of many examples – in 2040, could it take an ambulance 2 hours to get a stroke victim from Point Molate to John Muir in Martinez in the morning?
  7. The project will compete with developing our Priority Development Areas. Some of our new residents in Downtown and the Richmond Bay South Shore might also need to get to jobs in Marin. And all will have to share our limited waste processing capacity.


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