Call for Speakers Nov. 2

Acts of Political Courage Should Never Go Unrecognized

On October 19th, the Richmond City Council voted 4 to 3 instructing the City Attorney to file a brief in the federal appeals court case in support of Point Molate Alliance and other community groups who have sued the city for voting behind closed doors on the Point Molate settlement. After opposing us, the city will now go on record admitting that it violated the Brown Act and California’s land use law when it secretly approved the settlement with the failed casino developers. This illegal 2019 agreement resulted in the proposed luxury housing project we are fighting today.

Speak before the City Council’s closed session this Tuesday, November 2, to thank the four councilmembers who took this courageous action: Gayle McLaughlin, Claudia Jimenez, Eduardo Martinez, and Melvin Willis. Urge them to continue to stand for the community and the truth in the Brown Act lawsuit. You can also thank them by email. Their contact information can be found at

Closed session begins at 5 pm. The public comment period begins at about 4:45 pm. The link to join the meeting to speak is:… Passcode: ccmeeting. If you cannot speak at 4:45 pm, you can do so during the public comment period at 6:30 pm before the regular City Council meeting using the same link above. Here’s the link to the full City Council agenda and how to join the meeting:…/ViewFile/Item/11503

For more information about Point Molate and the proposed luxury housing plan see Questions?

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