Save Point Molate

SunCal’s Point Molate Development Plan — Too risky! Take Action Today

The City’s plan to develop Pt Molate is a recipe for financial disaster. The pandemic has all Bay Area cities facing disastrous budget shortfalls. Hatch, a globally respected consulting firm, projects that SunCal’s plan could cost the City $5-million-per-year. Yet Richmond—facing a deficit of $27 million and taking desperate measures to close libraries and furlough employees—continues to move forward with SunCal’s proposal without regard for financial risk. They continue to expend precious time and resources on a faulty Environmental Impact Report that, if approved, will bring more litigation against the City.

On February 4th and April 22nd, 2020, the City Council voted in closed-session to extend SunCal’s Exclusive Right to Negotiate (ERN), and in doing so, committed Brown Act violations. This Tuesday, May 19th, the City Council will attempt to cure those violations and move forward with SunCal by putting the ERN extensions on the Consent Calendar.

Take action! Tell the City Council they must: 1) NOT extend the ERN, 2) perform a complete analysis of financial impact and publish it, 3) put the entire Point Molate project on hold until litigation is resolved, the financial analysis has been published, and risks have been addressed. Finally, tell the City they should not move forward with Point Molate plans until the public can fully participate in the review and approval process.

Your letter can make a difference! Send it to:

– City Manager, Laura Snideman via admin asst –
– Planning Director, Lina Valesco –
City Council members:
– Mayor Tom Butt –
– Council member Nathaniel Bates –
– Council member Ben Choi –
– Council member Demnlus Johnson –
– Council member Eduardo Martinez –
– Council member Jael Myrick –
– Council member Melvin Willis –

*** Read the special coverage of Pt. Molate in the Richmond Sun

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